Actualingua Spanish Solutions


Linguistic Coaching in Spanish

Our courses go beyond language teaching, since we aim to provide our clients with linguistic coaching in Spanish (holistic linguistic support) to accompany our clients in all their communication contexts in Spanish:  meetings, sales presentations, telephone or email communication, business communication, etc.

What is the role of a coach?

  • Our coaches study the student's Spanish communication needs, his or her professional environment and set out objectives to achieve.
  • They evaluate previous learning and how the student communicates in Spanish.
  • They detect difficulties and weaknesses which impede effective communication.
  • They outline the objectives of the course and design personalized teaching material (audio, video, lectures, communication dynamics, vocabulary, etc.)
  • Throughout the course, they evaluate and recalibrate according to the student's evolving communication needs and strategies based on his or her progress.


Intercultural Coaching

"True communication cannot be learned from grammar books, but out in the real world, in social, professional and cultural contexts where communication develops."

Who is Intercultural Coaching for?

Intercultural Coaching is directed toward people who live in or work directly with other cultures and who want to improve their communication and integration.

Examples of situations which benefit from Intercultural Coaching:

  • Projects involving a multicultural team.
  • Preparation for a project, trip or move to a foreign country.
  • Expatriation.
  • Multicultural meetings.
  • Business globalization.

The benefits of Intercultural Coaching

  • Minimization of culture shock .
  • Adjustment to the different rhythms of work and life in a foreign culture.
  • Improvement of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Easier socio-cultural adaptation.