Actualingua Spanish Solutions

 Our courses         

All of our courses are one-to-one and are entirely personalized. They are designed for students who have very specific goals and who need for all the teaching resources to be directed toward their particular goal. 

The course level and objectives can be updated at any time according to the student's professional (preparation for a meeting, business presentation, email, etc.) and personal needs.

Actualingua Options

The intensive option is oriented to beginners as well as learners who need to rapidly improve their communicative competence in Spanish: trips in Spanish, writing and comprehension of emails, telephone conversations, business presentations, etc. 

Weeklong courses of between 5 and 10 hours daily.

The semi-intensive option is for people who strive to perfect their mastery of the language or to prepare a specific communication task in Spanish, for example, a speech or a professional presentation. 

Weeklong courses of between 4 and 6 hours daily.

The longterm option is designed for those who wish to improve their competence in Spanish with regular support, particularly people who are in frequent contact with the language and those who need close monitoring to improve their progress. 

Weekly 2 to 3 hour sessions.

Spanish courses for executives

Course Objectives

  • Participate  in business meetings 
  • Give efficient presentations
  • Lead meetings
  • Speak with confidence on the telephone
  • Write reports, letters, and emails correctly
  • Increase vocabulary relevant to business
  • Carry on  informal conversations with colleagues in your sector

Course content

  • Evaluation of the student’s true proficiency in different areas: comprehension, oral and written expression. 
  • Review and correction of the grammar points which need to be reinforced: precision in the use of Spanish.  
  • Augmentation and systematization of the vocabulary used in professional contexts and informal conversations with people of distinct sectors: aviation, banking,sales, education, engineering, law, marketing, media, medicine, pharmacy, tourism, oil industries, politics…
  • Dynamic and interactive workshops to stimulate the expression of ideas and opinions, incorporating new vocabulary and linguistic expressions. 
  • Comprehension practice to help professionals easily understand written documents and oral presentations. 
  • Simulation of professional contexts, including presentations, negotiations, telephone conversations and meetings.